RaviHIr Bitcoin Coaching



Maybe you are a complete newbie in the Bitcoin world or you are somehow ended up in shitcoin world (a word used to describe a person who holds crypto other than Bitcoin). I can help you with your journey into the bitcoin world.

I can help you:

  • to get a basic and advanced understanding of bitcoin.
    • Starting from how to get bitcoin which covers how to earn bitcoin and where to buy
    • how to securely store bitcoin which covers how to use hardware wallets like trezor or hot wallets like Samourai
    • How to run a bitcoin full node
  • ways you can lose your bitcoin and the scams that exist in the crypto industry
  • why Bitcoin is important which covers the importance of sound money and the free market
  • building an online store which accepts Bitcoin On-chain and over Lightning
  • I can also help you to learn the basics of Mathematics and cryptography if you are interested

Once you pay the amount, contact me at ravi.hir16@gmail.com