Satoshis Toolbox


We are here to provide convenience, security, and most of all, PRIVACY protection when purchasing your privacy protection devices; physical multi-factor authentication keys, secure private key storage and back ups, devices to access the internet, and prophylactic protections when doing so. These tools and our cut-out buyers agent service are not for intended for those with more time than money, if that is the case you should purchase the items individually because you do not have enough assets to be a worthwhile target to hackers. This service is for those with more money, or credit, than time. Those that have assets worth enough to justify investing in digital defensive armor and enough demands on their attention to justify both the convenience and added privacy that our bundled purchasing service provides.

We are providing the same value proposition when it comes to purchasing your privacy hardware as having a local registered agent open your Wyoming LLC will provide–obscurity regarding the identity of the man behind the “mask” that the registered agent provides– We help to mask the identity of the true purchaser of these hardware items keeping your payment information, IP address, and true physical location limited in exposure by only collecting the bare minimum of data from you and deleting it from our own records once the deliveries from the manufacturers has been confirmed. Due to the added fees, compliance costs, and chargeback risks we charge 20% more for payments made in fiat than for those made in BTC.

Even if you don’t have us purchase your crypto hardware toolkits on your behalf, our suggested combinations of tools may provide some guidance as to how they may all be combined in your personal and business arrangements. To support you doing your own research and to help promote each of these privacy solution providers we provide direct links to each of the manufacturer’s own websites.

Our buyer’s agent services are also useful to the existing crypto experts that want to help their friends, family members, and business associates without having to hold their hand through the required educational process. The book and on demand curriculum will build a foundation for them to begin doing their own research. Many novices, and even intermediate level Bitcoin Bankers, do not even know what questions to ask let alone how to find the answers to those questions. The Tao of Bitcoin Banking is designed to help novices move through intermediate level operational knowledge into expert level operations as quickly and safely as possible. For those that are not comfortable with a totally DIY approach the on demand educational resources will help them understand how to put the many Bitcoin Banking tools to use in order to give them the necessary confidence to safely sail the crypto seas as a modern day crypto Captain.